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What should I know if I am facing a gun charge?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Blog, Criminal Law |

One of the worst situations a resident of New York state can end up in is to be charged with illegal gun possession. If you’re facing a gun charge in New York state, you are, or should be, very well aware that that is one of the most serious charges that a person could be facing. Many counties throughout the state carry minimum sentences for people convicted of gun charges.

Gun charges can vary on the type of felony based on aggravated circumstances, such as whether or not the gun was used in the commission of a crime. It is important that your attorney makes sure that, number one, you’re not being overcharged, and number two, that the charge is appropriate. Once that has been determined, our firm will do everything within our power to find each and any hole that the District Attorney’s office may have in their case, and try to see if they can prove each and every element.

Possession of a gun can range anywhere from a Class A misdemeanor all the way up to a Class B felony, depending on your situation. The most severe charges are Class B felonies, which occur if the charge is the first-degree criminal possession of a dangerous weapon or the first-degree criminal use or sale of a firearm.

As stated before, if law enforcement cannot prove every element, they do not have grounds to convict you of a gun charge. It is crucial to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide you with assistance. At the Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, P.C., our promise to you is to diligently search for any type of hole in the case that has been made against you.

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