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New York State Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Blog, Personal Injury |

With summer just around the corner, many New Yorkers are opening up their swimming pools for their families and friends to enjoy. New York State has a number of safety codes that homeowners and municipalities need to abide by in order to keep everyone safe. The worst thing that could happen is an injury or even, tragically, a death because a person failed to make sure their property was safe.

Residential Codes

Hundreds of thousands of residential property owners in New York State have swimming pools in their yards. Safety should be a major concern for homeowners to make sure no one is injured due to their negligence. One NYS property code requires homeowners who have swimming pools to have a barrier surrounding the pool to ensure that no small children or people who can’t swim don’t fall into your pool and drown. The barrier must be a fence or a wall that is at least four feet tall. Parts of the barrier can even include the wall to your home.

Commercial Codes

There are a number of different codes that municipalities need to follow when they have public swimming pools. For a public swimming pool, there must also be a four-foot barrier that can only be entered by a self-closing gate with a handle at least 40 inches high. When there is no available pool supervision, the gate must be locked and no one is permitted to access the pool.

Swimming Pool Injuries

If you or your child have been severely injured while swimming in another person’s pool because they failed to abide by state codes, you may be able to collect damages for your medical expenses. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney today.

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