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Underage Drinking and Driving: New York’s Zero Tolerance Law

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Underage Drinking and Driving in NY

New York has special laws that apply to underage motorists, which are motorists under the age of 21.  Drivers under the age of 21 are prohibited from driving with even the smallest amount of alcohol in their bodies.  Penalties for those who are convicted of underage drinking and driving can be very harsh.

What is New York State’s DWI Zero Tolerance Law?

New York State has a Zero Tolerance Law that applies to any person that is under 21 years of age and operates a motor vehicle while under the influence.  More specifically, it applies to an underage motorist that has a blood alcohol concentration of no less than .02% and no more than .08%, regardless of impairment.

What is Per Se DWI For Underage Drivers?

New York has Per Se DWI laws that apply specifically to underage drivers.  This means that the DWI charge is based on your blood alcohol concentration, regardless if you were impaired.  For those underage drivers who drive with a BVAC of .02% or higher, but less than .08%, they can be cited for an officer even if their driving ability was unaffected.

How Can an Officer Determine my Blood Alcohol Content?

If an officer pulls you over suspecting that you were driving under the influence, he may ask you to take a breath test.  This test can identify the level of alcohol in your blood.

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