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What is Personal Injury Protection and How Can it Benefit Me?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Personal Injury |

What is Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection Insurance is insurance coverage that covers medical and other expenses.  It is often referred to as “PIP” or “No Fault”.  PIP is a no-fault coverage (hence why it is often referred to as “no fault”) and required by some states, one of which is New York.  No-fault coverage can cover you and/or any passengers in your car who are injured during a car accident, regardless of which driver was at fault.

What Does PIP Cover?

Personal injury protection can cover a number of expense incurred as a result of a car accident.  Although not an exclusive list of expenses that PIP may cover, some expenses it may cover are, a certain percentage of medical expenses, reimburse you for lost wages, or funeral costs.  One great benefit of PIP coverage is that you do not have to wait for blame to be assessed before you start receiving payments.  Insureds may also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they only have to deal with their own insurance company, and that payments for treatment and/or lost wages, if the accident is covered, can be made fairly quickly.

Is PIP Coverage the Same as Medical Payments Coverage?

No, these two types of coverage are not the same.  Medical payments coverage only covers medical costs for you your passengers for medical related costs.  This can cover payments for medical treatment necessitated as the result of an accident.  PIP coverage can pay you for additional expenses, like those named above.

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