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How do personal injury attorneys get paid?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Blog, Personal Injury |

Any time an individual gets injured in an accident due to the fault of another party, they may find that they are faced with a heavy financial burden due to the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. Many people are often hesitant to bring a personal injury lawsuit simply because they fear that they will not have the financial means to hire an attorney. However, one thing that many people do fail to realize is that the injured party does not have to pay their personal injury attorney anything unless they win the lawsuit. Typically, when an injured party wins a lawsuit, they will give their attorney a percentage of that compensation.

However, in a successful personal injury lawsuit, the injured party may be able to retain compensation for many of the damages that they suffered as a result of the other party’s negligence. Some of the damages that an individual may be able to recover in a personal injury case include the cost of medical bills, lost wages due to time out of work, the cost of rehabilitation facilities, prescription medications, and other non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment of life or pain and suffering. If you have been injured and are considering bringing a lawsuit, contact our firm today.

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