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Defending Clients Facing Violent Crime Charges

The most serious offenses seen in New York criminal court are violent crimes. These violators are looking at some of the most impactful, life-altering consequences one can face in court. New York aggressively prosecutes these cases and courts are quite hostile towards those accused of these crimes. Often, under the right circumstances, a court will impose the maximum sentence. Obviously, a violent crime conviction can ruin one’s life. Some of the acts that are considered violent crimes include rape, murder, manslaughter, and much more. If you are charged with a violent crime in New York, you need a law firm that can effectively fight for you. If you need a criminal defense attorney that gets results, contact The Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, PC, for a consultation.

Categorization Of Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime is a very serious matter. It is important to understand the penalties you face if convicted of a violent crime. Violent crimes can range from a Class E felony to an A-1 felony. Here is a small sample of violent crimes and where they fit in the New York penal code.

Class A-I Felony

  • Homicide
  • Terrorism
  • Arson in the first degree
  • Kidnapping in the first degree

Class A-II Felony

  • Predatory sexual assault
  • Predatory sexual assault against a child

Class B Felony

  • Aggravated assault
  • Rape
  • Second-degree kidnapping
  • First-degree robbery
  • First-degree burglary

Class C Felony

  • Second-degree aggravated manslaughter
  • Second-degree robbery
  • Second-degree burglary
  • Various weapons charges
  • Assault on a judge

Class D Felony

  • Second-degree assault
  • Second-degree rape
  • Reckless assault of a child
  • Class E Felony
  • Persistent sexual abuse
  • Fourth-degree aggravated sexual abuse

Violent Crime Sentencing

The consequences a person faces when convicted of a violent crime depends greatly on indeterminate and determinate sentencing. For non-violent charges, a person may be eligible for early release after serving a minimum sentence, called indeterminate sentencing. Violent crimes are often subject to determinate sentencing, not allowing early release. A person found guilty of a violent crime may have to serve the whole sentence at the discretion of the presiding judge. Some of the terms of imprisonment a person can face include the following:

  • Class E Violent Felony- maximum sentence of 4 years
  • Class D Violent Felony- maximum sentence of 7 years
  • Class C Violent Felony- maximum sentence of 15 years
  • Class B Violent Felony- maximum sentence of 25 years
  • Class A Violent Felony- up to life in prison

Contact An Experienced Criminal Attorney

Violent crimes are the most serious crimes known to courts. It is important that you consult with an effective attorney that can fight for your future. You need an attorney that knows how to explore every defense to fight these charges and develop a comprehensive legal plan to challenge the charges, contact The Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, PC, for a consultation. Call 845-233-6704 or fill out our online contact form.