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Representing Clients Who Are Seriously Injured By Negligence

Regarding personal injury cases in New York state, there are a few important things to consider. To successfully execute a personal injury case, the injured party must satisfy the serious injury threshold and the burden of proof. Simply put, a person must demonstrate that they suffer from a serious injury as defined by the state and prove that the other party acted negligently, leading to your injuries.

If you are injured because of negligence, it is important to have quality legal support to help you through these matters. The Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, PC, is an experienced personal injury law firm that has successfully brought countless cases of personal injury and recovered maximum compensation for many clients. Our mission is the security of your future. The Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, PC, can represent your needs in and out of the courtroom effectively.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Though small accidents often result in just a simple exchange of insurance information and some property damage, some end with terrible results that affect you for the rest of your life. If you are involved in an automobile accident, bus accident, train accident or truck accident, you could have injuries that impact your ability to work and function in everyday life. Read more.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Being injured because of the negligence of another person can lead to a future burdened by medical bills, lost income and the impact on one’s quality of life. It is important to protect your rights and hold careless parties accountable. If you were hurt because of a slip and fall and believe that it could have been avoided with the proper care from a property owner, contact our firm. Read more.

Product Liability

If you are injured because of a defective product, you have a lot to consider. As we should, we trust in the quality of the products we buy and assume they are manufactured and designed with the necessary care to ensure our safety. For the most part, we can enjoy household and industrial products without incident, but we put our safety in the hands of others when we do so. Read more.

Dog Bites

Dogs are wonderful additions to the lives of individuals and families. They provide loyalty, companionship and unyielding affection to their owners. Unfortunately, some dogs are brought up poorly or untrained. People often say that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Whether this is the case or not, it is the owner who is responsible for the behavior of their animal. Read more.

Construction Accidents

Working in the field of construction is inherently dangerous. Construction workers are at risk for injury at every turn. For the most part, the safety equipment and procedures are in place to protect workers while they are on the job. However, workers who are high above the ground or working under heavy objects that can easily fall are still at risk for serious injury. Workers trust that owners, subcontractors and general contractors will take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. But sometimes safeguards are not followed properly or ignored altogether. Read more.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is devastating. When that loss was due to negligence and could have been avoided, it compounds the pain and suffering caused to the family left behind. Understandably, families are focused on mourning when a loved one dies; the thought of legal action is set aside by the overwhelming emotional turmoil. That said, the loss of a parent or companion can take an enormous toll on the family’s finances and filing a claim for compensation is often critical for the financial stability of the surviving family. Read more.

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