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Representing New York Clients Injured In Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Pedestrians rarely consider the dangers that expose them to injuries as they navigate the sidewalks of New York’s villages, towns or cities. It is important to be careful when walking from one location to the next. A sidewalk slip-and-fall can be disastrous. Injuries sustained from a sidewalk accident can impact your future enormously. If you are seriously hurt and can prove that the party responsible for the walking surface acted negligently, you need to contact an attorney to discuss your legal matter. You could recover damages for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the impact on your enjoyment of life. If you need quality legal support in your pursuit of maximum compensation, our firm is ready to serve. To schedule an appointment, contact The Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, PC.

Determining Liability

Determining who is responsible for your injuries can be a complicated task. The maintenance of sidewalks is often assigned to the adjacent property though it mostly depends on a village’s, town’s or city’s laws. Though a sidewalk may be in front of private property, it does not necessarily mean that the property owner is fully responsible. This matter needs an investigation into the codes and laws of the municipality. When the responsible party is identified, you will need an attorney to represent your needs.

Constructing A Proper Case

It is important to have an attorney to help you construct a strong case. If you are seriously injured, you will have to prove that your injuries were caused by negligence. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff. If you can establish that the liable party knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused you harm, you may be entitled to recover compensation. It is important to note that to successfully bring a lawsuit to a municipality, you must file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the incident. There is no prior notice necessary for private property owners.

Collecting Evidence

One of the facets of having to prove one’s case is the collection of evidence. Firstly, get medical attention. If you are able, take pictures and collect contact information from any witnesses. If you are not able to act for yourself, contact our firm to come to the scene and collect evidence for you. Sometimes, your slip-and-fall may not be grounds for a case. For example, if you were to walk on sidewalks within the time allotted for clean up after a winter storm, you would not have a valid case as you have chosen to take a risk. If the property owner didn’t act within the allotted time and you injured yourself, you may be able to prove negligence. Especially with weather conditions, it is imperative to take pictures.

Contact A Dutchess County Personal Injury Law Firm

If you are seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident while walking on a sidewalk, it is important to consider your legal options. You may face a future burdened by medical bills, lost income and a diminished quality of life. Our firm understands the plight of an uncertain future. Our firm fights for maximum compensation under the law. When you need a zealous advocate, contact The Law Office of Raji S. Zeidan, PC.