Client Testimonials

“I hired Raji and I am so glad that I did. He truly goes above and beyond for his clients. Raji could have closed my case sooner and been done with it but instead he went the extra mile to give me a disposition that was in my best interest so I still would have a chance at great schools. He is honest and completely himself all the time, he also is very trust worthy, you can be confident whatever you guys share is just between you two. Not just looking to get paid, he is worth every dollar. I would recommend him to anyone looking to handle their case the right way. 5-star service!!”

“I hired Mr Zeidan to assist me with a defense, this man has bent over backwards to help me and truly cares about his clients to obtain the best results. I can honestly say i trust this man with my life and strongly recommend his services before considering legal representation elsewhere. A true master at his craft.” Sam

“I have had other criminal defense attorneys in the past but I have never had an attorney like Mr. Zeidan. He fought for me every step of the way thru my gun an drug charge and got me an excellent outcome” R.F.

“I had several charges in different courts and Mr. Zeidan fought until the very end to make sure that I did not end up with a criminal conviction.” F.G

“I was so afraid when I was facing charges in Dutchess County, Raj made me so comfortable by explaining all my options and helping me understand the various options. Raj is a great, caring, talented lawyer and I highly recommend him”

“I was facing a series of serious felonies, I was not happy with my previous attorney so I ended up retaining Mr. Zeidan, it was the best decision of my life and I got a much better disposition than I would have with my previous lawyer. He fought so hard and never gave up on me” D.K