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Sobriety Checkpoints for Superbowl Sunday

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Blog, Criminal Law, Firm News |

Today, New York State’s Governor announced that local law enforcement agencies, as well as the New York State Police, will be enforcing the STOP-DWI campaign this weekend. Superbowl Sunday is notorious for high rates of alcohol consumption and therefore, police departments will be on the lookout for individuals who break the law by driving while intoxicated. There are several different aspects of the STOP-DWI campaign, some of which include:

  • Enforcement of underage drinking
  • An increase in the number of patrols
  • Sobriety checkpoints placed on roads to find and arrest drunk drivers

In addition, law enforcement will be cracking down on reckless drivers, such as those who speed or text behind the wheel. Last year, there were 110 people arrested for driving while intoxicated over Superbowl weekend. There were also an additional 4,098 tickets issued for a variety of other traffic infractions. This year, the campaign will begin on Saturday, February 3, and go until 4 a.m. on Monday, February 5.

The campaign also wants to remind individuals and establishments of Dram Shop laws that can hold a person or a business accountable if someone they serve gets into an alcohol-related crash. If parents serve alcohol to underage children or friends, they can be held responsible for any injury, death, or damage that occurs.

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